About Us

Beats People Movement stands for a collective foundation of creative exposure. Over time we will be introducing more regular content including events, reviews and photos. We will also aim to bring artist profiles and information on individuals doing their thing. We will also endeavor to include content of relevance to the Movement.

Who’s behind the Movement?

Well everybody really. We aim to be a small yet important part of the Big Picture.

Dapht One writes the posts, promotes and co-promotes events and MC’s primarily at Dubstep gigs around Aotearoa, New Zealand. You can also hear him playing records as an occasional guest DJ on Base Fm.
He has formal training in Digital Media, Live Sound and Event Production.

Katakah travels the country taking photos at gigs, helps with design aspects of the site and advice on who the wicked DJ’s are right now.
She has formal training in Graphic Design and Photography.

For any inquiries, website issues, requests or suggestions please feel free to