DJ Gear

DJ Gear: Beats People Movement* also offer a range of DJ supplies and services to suit your budget.

As registered resellers we only supply the best, locally sourced brands and are able to offer return to base manufacturer warranties on all electronic goods sold.

Ask us about:

* Shure Cartridges, Styli and Microphones
* Technics Turntables, Headshells and DJ Headphones
* Sennhesiser Headphones
* Allen & Heath Xone DJ Mixers
* JBL Speakers
* Proel Speakers
* Turbosound Speakers
* Crown Amps
* QSC Amps
* Lab Gruppen Amps
* Proel Cases, Cables and Connectors
* DJ Accessories incl. Serato Scratch Live Control Vinyl
*For analogue Hi Fi enthusiasts we are also registered dealers for Rega turntables and phono stages.